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JYJ – Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu as actors.

3 Jun

The lovely post below, was a comment on It was so well written, I wanted to capture it for prosperity.


June 2, 2011 5:40am

Wow, you guys are on it! I’ve had similar conversations with a close friend of mine. We both have been fans of DBSK/JYJ for a while now and watching them develop has been quite exciting. Particularly for me. As someone who thrives from the arts, watching them grow into their elements has been inspiring to me in more ways than one. Having that said for the sake of an introduction as a first time debater and usual silent reader, let’s continue with the conversations at hand.

I’ve always said this to my friend, “If Chun had not been a singer, the man could have easily been an actor and an actor only.” It just so happens he has a beautiful croon to boot [referring to his voice]. He is very expressive with not just his words and voice but with his body. It may not be easy to understand him but it’s easy to tell what he’s feeling. His expression is never stoic, in fact, being stoic is not at all natural to him. Shy? Yes. But stoic, not so much. He expresses himself with his whole body, face and voice. That characteristic of his is very valuable to him as an actor. Now that he’s learned or as he’s learning to about himself and carrying himself, becoming a character is natural. The man has a SYMPATHY for emotions and freely shows it. He knows himself very well and does not lie to himself. I think he can be whatever character he wants, so long as he’s aware of what kind of character he’s playing. He relates a character to emotions, I feel, and not so much experiences. Hence his versatility and so called “naturalness” in a characters shoes. He makes a fictional character human, he makes them real.

Now Junsu, as discussed before is a musical actor. And I think that also makes him a method actor. He becomes the character, a fictional being. That’s what makes Chun and Junsu different in their methods. He is not just reciting lines, he is singing. The emotion is already chosen for him, the identity is chosen for him … Junsu uses his ability to UNDERSTAND a character with music to become that character. Again, as mentioned before … he chooses an EXTREME approach to bring out bold personalities. That is what a musical actor does and he does it so well. I think it would take a bit more time for him to ever learn to be in a drama; doing the every day role, without music, and much to the effect of the ordinary. But I certainty don’t think it’s impossible for him to do it and to do it exceptionally.

And then there’s Jaejoong. Out of all of them, I feel he has the most conflict within himself when playing a character BUT I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Some of you mentioned that he sometimes seems nervous and too self aware and I think that’s because he is the one endures the most EMPATHY. He sees more to character than he should show. He can control his mannerism, gestures and expressions to an extent where everything can seem quite calculative as apposed to just letting them flow out like Chun or creating them based on one point perspective like Junsu. Thinking abous his abilities reminded me about how he used to say that when he was young, he was tone deaf. Now I don’t know to what extent that was true. At best I can maybe guess he meant he was untrained to an extent where he had no musical theory knowledge, sense of his range and obliviously no control. Going from that to what he is now tells me that he is one to tackle a task with intelligence and cumulative skill. This man can do anything as long as he’s determined to. I mean, that’s true with all DBSK/JYJ members for sure but with him in particular, he has no one track mind fanctor [like JUNSU] or lazy factor [like Chun] as they themselves have put it. He goes beyond his own satisfaction. I don’t think he has a problem acting but choosing a side to his character. There’s nothing wrong with a multidimensional character but that kind of fictional being takes time to create, especially within the realms of dramas where he has to drag out the development. Having that said, I think his best realm is to do more film. Where a character can be more complex almost automatically in a shorter amount of time.

There’s a difference between novels, lyrical scores and short fiction. All can be extraordinarily deep and complex but require different points of view and approaches. JYJ are exceptional talents and their strengths all differ. The arts not only require skill but emotional competence. Yeah, that’s a legitimate concept. And the way they express themselves shows different approaches to emotional expression. Yoochun is an open book, Junsu hides behind a serious or cute face and Jaejoong … well let’s just say he has a knack for innuendo. Make of that what you will. In the end, as they mature further their strengths will accumulate and I’m sure if they so desire, then can tackle anything!”