[INFO] 130326 JYJ Japan Official – Tokyo Dome Concert Goods

7 Apr


Goods sold exclusively at JYJ Official website online
(Note: Only regular members can buy)

☆ JYJ poster + wrapping sheet book + Key Chain set
☆ JYJ cushion – Jejung, Yuchun, Junsu (sold separately)
☆ JYJ big size towel

Goods sold at Tokyo Dome
(Note: limited sale at Tokyo Dome e.g. until supplies last)

**will be sold starting 10 am on April 2**

☆ JYJ light stick – 2 versions (sold separately) – 1,500 yen each
☆ JYJ T-shirt (one size only) – 3,500 yen
☆ JYJ big size uchiwa – Jejung, Yuchun, Junsu (sold separately) – 1,000 yen each
☆ JYJ towel muffler – 2,500 yen
☆ JYJ bromide set – 2,500 yen
☆ JYJ shopping bag – 500 yen

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