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[NEWS] 130430 Advertising Success Momentum, JYJ Appointed Model of Outdoor Brand

30 Apr


JYJ has been selected as outdoor brand models.

On April 30, outdoor brand Millet has revealed that JYJ will be the exclusive models for their M Limited line. M Limited is an urban/city type outdoor line targeting 25 to 35 year old individuals.

Millet Director Park YongHak said, “There is a significant increase in the younger generation to try outdoor activities. The brand has decided to select JYJ since they have their own music and style and has received much love from different generations.”

Despite the challenges and constraints on their broadcast appearances, JYJ has endorsed outdoor, clothing, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical brands, proving that they are blue chip in the advertising world.

Source: Newsen
Translated by: Ruby of JYJ3
Shared by:JYJ3

Korean Website:
M-Limited Korea website: 

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[OTHER TWITTER] 130429 Jang Geun Suk + MC Prhyme have a Men’s Pep Rally with Jaejoong

29 Apr


Prhyme, aka Jung Joon Hyung, is an artist under YG Entertainment who debut as a member of Moogadang as a rapper

[TRANS] In midst of listening together to the awesome CD given just now by #herojaejung … From first 6 tracks I like!

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[NEWS] 130426 Korean actors in China– Song Hye Kyo, Park Yoo Chun, Jang Geun Suk –worth revealed

28 Apr


[This is an excerpt from an article in, a large news website run by the Xinhua News Agency — a state news agency of China and the largest news and information gathering and release center in the country.]

The cost effectiveness of Korean artistes is the biggest reason why China directors use them. Director Gao Xi Xi (高希希) said that China has now become the key market for Asian film and TV. Korean actors are mostly taking their own initiative to come for filming; they give good quality work and their price is reasonable. An insider source who is involved in the management of Korean celebrities told the reporter that when Korean artistes go to China, their price will be 30% to 40% higher than in Korea. Which means that, in general, a 2nd-tier artiste who gets 300,000 RMB per episode in Korea, can get about about 400,000 RMB…

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[TRANS] 130425 Park Yuchun Cherry Blossom Road This Spring

27 Apr


Along Park Yuchun Cherry Blossom Road situated in Incheon, cherry blossoms there are still in bloom! Next year they should bloom even more beautifully! Hope to go there next spring when cherry blossoms are blooming!

In the top left picture, the words written on a stone tablet are the famous lines of Lee Sun Joon from Sungkyunkwan Scandal:
“In this world, nobody can choose their parents nor the appearance they want to be born with. What we can choose is only one thing. Today, how do I want to live, it’s only that.”

Source: Sally2002 & stkjy10 via JYJ-朴有天Micky(박유천) FB
Translations by: melodysky
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T/N: This road that is named after Yuchun is going to be completed soon!
For more info and pics, please see: here or here

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[TRANS] 130425 JYJ Park Yuchun’s Luxury Cars and Yacht

26 Apr


JYJ’s Park Yuchun is well-known in the entertainment circle for his love of luxury cars. From Lexus to Rolls-Royce, every one is a luxury car. A fan posted on tieba the 7 cars that he owns/owned and it is a feast for the eyes. And his yacht worth 1 billion won also keeps drawing people’s attention. People have seen it moored in Busan, and last summer, Yuchun enjoyed his vacation time on his yacht in Haeundae.

BMW Mini Cooper


Audi R8

Porsche Panamera 4S

Land Range Rover

Ferrari California

Rolls Royce Ghost

(**T/N: he owned these cars at one point in his life but not all at the same time**)

It is known that Yuchun has a luxury yacht. It is from P brand. Yachts from this brand use top computer technology and machines and have a modern design. It is very popular in Europe where yachts have…

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[TRANS] 130426 Kim Bada mentioned Jaejoong in an interview

26 Apr


 photo 20130426000843_0.jpg

Kim Bada said about Kim Jaejoong, “Despite his busy schedule, he was still able to write lyrics until dawn. I was impressed about how passionate he is. He is very diligent and optimistic and loves music.”

Source: Nate News
Translated by: Ruby of JYJ3
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[PICS+TRANS] 130426 Park Yoochun Effect: Rooftop Prince Cafe in Shibuya, Japan

26 Apr


 photo 20130426_pc.jpg

 photo BIwl5gTCcAERNtRjpg_large.jpg

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