19 Mar


 photo s_009.jpg

Q: You are the eloquent, organised & well-read sort. That is true right? 
YC: Not so, all I’ve been doing lately is GAMING, haha.

Q: Of all your images till now, which one do you fancy most?
YC: In actual fact, this time round, I planned to shaved my head bald completely, just like Hareem. In that way, I can tattoo on my scalp, haha, just kidding. Personally, I love long hair. When “Sung Kyung Kwan Scandal” ended, my hair grew so long to the extent that it could be tied up. I like that sort of hairdo. But once you cut it short, you will never be able to grow it back even if you want to. Now I understand why girls cut their hair and never grow it long again, my mum is like this too. Furthermore, if I want to grow my hair long, there must be…

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