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30 Mar



The atmosphere on the set of the photo shoot was very quiet. To let him concentrate on the expression of his emotional acting, everyone was watching without a word, using our eyes to encourage him.

But once the shoot was over, he turned back into a person with a mischievous smile and honest speech, the extremely charismatic 28 year-old Park Yuchun.

“Compared to being grateful, there is more of an apologetic feeling.” This was his reply to the question regarding the April Tokyo Dome concert, for fans who have been waiting for them.

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30 Mar


[TRANS] Hey Kids!

[TRANS] My name is Junsu! keke

[TRANS] I’m in Japan right now!!!!

[TRANS] I’m in Japan!!!

[TRANS] You say you know already???

[TRANS] Then, go go to see gorillas in the zoo!!!!

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27 Mar
27 Mar


JYJ was sent off and welcomed by a big crowd of fans in Korea and Japan.

JYJ′s Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jae Joong and Kim Junsu left for Japan through Kimpo Airport in Seoul on March 27, a few days before its historical Tokyo Dome concert was to take place.

500 fans said goodbye to JYJ in Korea, and over 1,000 local fans welcomed the group to Japan at Haneda Airport.

An agency rep said, “We had to clear benches and set up a safeline for the fans who were crowding the airport after hearing the group would arrive in Japan. This is a very rare sight to see even in Japan, and it proved how popular the group is in the country.”

JYJ′s Tokyo Dome concert will take place from April 2-4, and is the group′s first in Japan since June 2010. All tickets sold out, with over three times the…

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27 Mar


TV Daily


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26 Mar


Kim Jaejoong’s  Birthday Celebration was held in Tokyo (2013.01.26) and Osaka (2013.02.03) ^^

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25 Mar


KOMCA is the Korea Music Copyright Association

More than 10 of the songs registered have to be written and composed by the idol.
An idol is not listed if he didn’t compose more than 10 songs, even if he wrote 50 of the songs.

Kim Jaejoong – 32 songs
Representative track: JYJ – In Heaven

Lyrics : Kim Jaejoong
Composition : Kim Jaejoong
Arrangement : BJD, MDS

Kim Junsu – 21 songs
Representative track : XIA Junsu – Tarantallegra

Lyrics : JUNO
Composition : Kim Junsu

Park Yoochun – 19 songs

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**Note: screencaps don’t include all of the songs by the individual members**

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