25 Feb


The group JYJ (Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park, Junsu Kim) is due to resume its activities in Japan in 4 years, the first step at Tokyo Dome.

C-JeS Entertainment (a.k.a C-JeS) announced JYJ’s concert in Tokyo Dome with a teaser poster on its official website. No further details about schedules are announced accept that it’d be 3-day concert. The announcement only says official details will be available on Mar 1.

 “This concert has a huge meaning as it’s been 4 years since JYJ met fans in Tokyo Dome. We’ll be able to inform more details once we have settled with Japanese partner”, explained a staff at C-JeS.

Before this, Tokyo District Court ruled against AVEX who insist on JYJ’s exclusive management right. It also ordered AVEX to pay 660 million Yen (approx 7.8 billion Won) to JYJ’s management, C-JeS for compensation for damage.

Tokyo District Court also acknowledged that AVEX’s libel…

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