14 Feb


JYJ is currently out looking for a new partner in Japan to support its promotions in the country.

According to many media outlets in Japan, following its triumph in a long and winding legal case against its Japanese agency Avex in January, JYJ has received many love calls from pretigious local record labels.

One outlet reported, “Despite the fact that K-Pop′s popularity is at its lowest in Japan, JYJ can still make profit with its strong fan base. The group can draw audiences with its live performances.”

A local official stated, “Large agencies have been sending offers, but we believe one agency is already a strong candidate.”

A rep from C-JeS Entertainment told enews, “It is true that following the winning of the suit, the group has been meeting actively with Japanese companies. It′s been holding many talks to look them over carefully and strike a deal with a…

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  1. butterfliesarefree2 February 16, 2013 at 9:34 pm #

    I’m sure there will be a careful review of all the offers. They had the good sense to refuse AVEX, despite what it cost them in time. That simply made JYJ aware of what they ‘didn’t’ want anymore. No more controlling entities. Whichever company they choose will be the right fit.

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