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29 Nov


Agreement reached with SM

Agreement….. It’s difficult to truly grasp the correct meaning of this word at this point of time.

Looks like we may have to wait and see for a while more.

At this moment I want to stop writing carelessly about this.

But I would want to perceive this as something positive.

Instead of reaching an “agreement”, I think we should take this as “being liberated”……

how about that?

To the guys, it doesn’t matter if the word “agreement” or whatever is being used….. the fact is

that they have been liberated from the troublesome matters now

Whatever happens with SM, the guys are only looking at what’s in front of them now

Because in the heart of this “future” that the guys see in front of them, SM etc no longer exist

Fact…. Whatever SM tried to do, they could not stop the guys from gaining…

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29 Nov


According to the agreement, attention is now on whether JYJ can now freely appear in broadcasting activities since they haven’t appeared in entertainment programs during the legal dispute. JYJ’s Junsu was not able to appear in Music Bank last May because KBS declared that “if we let a celebrity involved in a legal dispute appear in our show, it can have an impact on the ongoing trial.”

However, with this agreement, the justification that the broadcasters had put forward has now disappeared. The 3 broadcasting stations issued a cautious stance on the matter stating that “an internal discussion” needs to happen.

JYJ doesn’t have any high hopes in freely appearing in broadcasts soon. C-JES representative Baek ChangJu stated “JYJ will pursue their activities as planned. We hope that some of the unfair treatment/practices in the entertainment industry can be improved with this agreement.”

(T/N: I skipped other parts of the…

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29 Nov


Park Chan Jong is a progressive politician and lawyer who works for human rights and minors in Korean society.


[TRANS] JYJ…came to an agreement with SM to terminate the trial. They were able to shake off the mental burden due to lawsuit faster. I have said that contract termination of a “slave contract” with SM is inherently impossible. It took 3 years but you were able to get an amicable agreement. Big round of applause to JYJ!

Source: @parkchanjong
Translation by: rubypurple_fan of JYJ3
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28 Nov
28 Nov
27 Nov


The group JYJ (Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park and Junsu Kim) has got free from SM Entertainment.

The dispute between SM Entertainment and JYJ has been completed based on mutual agreement , 3 years and 4 months later since it started.

According to legal circles, SM Entertainment and the three members of JYJ agreed to finish their all contracts based on the date of July 31st, 2009. Also the both parties made written agreement containing that 1) the both would cancel all lawsuit filed against each other, 2) will not disturb any activities against each other.

Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu who debuted as the group TVXQ in 2004, filed a lawsuit to clarify invalidity of exclusive contract on July 31st 2009 and have had their activities as JYJ since Sep, 2010.

Original Link: Asia Today via Nate
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27 Nov

nice, very nice