8 Aug

I love his interview responses


[Interview] Kim Jaejoong, “It would be better if I just get scolded” (Interview ①)

This interview is separated into three portions: Part One is about Jaejoong’s acting, Two being the story about JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Part Three is of Kim Jaejoong as himself.

The day of the interview was very hot and humid, to the extent that if you walked a little bit, you would sweat all over. And it was that day I met the Kim Jaejoong who finished all filming for MBC’s Dr. Jin, shed the heavy period drama hanboks, and returned to a 26-year-old while wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt.

Jaejoong’s greeting was “Hello everyone, I’m Kim Jaejoong”. And my first reaction was, “Why is his skin so fair…Does he not get tan?”

Dr. Jin was the first period drama for Kim Jaejoong, and he very honestly confessed his fear and unfamiliarity towards period drama at first: “Because…

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