9 Jul



[Note: Only parts related to Kim Junsu are translated.]

(Takahara Yoko is curently an active Korean-Japanese performance coordinator.)

Reporter: Which actor has set the beginning of the Korean musicals trend?
Yoko: It can be seen as ‘Before Kim Junsu, After Kim Junsu’. Since ‘Mozart’ created a big impact in 2010, there was a big change in the industry.

[…some parts omitted]

Reporter: Then which musical do Japanese audience want to see the most at the moment?
Yoko: The most anticipating musicals are musicals produced by EMK. ‘Mozart’ and ‘Elisabeth’ were already performed in Japan so the audience knew what these musicals are about. Above all, they are interested in whether Kim Junsu would participate in the performance or not. I think starting of like that, they gradually take interest in Korean musicals more and more. Now they even planned to go to Dae-hak street just to watch the musical ‘Washing’.

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